♫♫ Paul Gilbert - I Feel The Earth Move ♫♫

I’ve just finished this awesome book, and it’s soooooo inspiring, I just couldn’t resist drawing Crowley and Aziraphale <3


Because Kuroko and I kinda broke up. And I love someone else now (JL’s Wally West omg) … so Im giving away my Megahouse Kuroko figure


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And while we’re on the subject (and since this is an artblog), do check out Phantasmagoria, a KnB AU fanbook I was involved in! Bellow is a preview of my entries


Only a few copies left so grab yours here! (ofcourse, purchase not necessary to enter the giveaway)

10 mins sketch <3

every time I see it I remember #WTNV :D


Semi Transparent Lips & Nails (changes colour with your blog background - drag it!)

hope we’ll see him grown up one day
5mins sketch
#ciel #phantomhive #kuroshitsuji

Matsuoka Rin for my #rinharu ff
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All hail the mighty glow cloud.

Oh boy do I love drawing Cecil and Carlos when my headcanon is finally strong and alive!

Re-listening to WTNV is going just well, and I can’t stop drawing because of the inspiration this podcast wakes… I hope that now inspiration will calm down and stop trying to tear me limb by limb at least for a day, for my eyes can be damaged even more if I spend so much time looking at the screen :D